Thursday, June 30, 2011

The usual now seems weird

So when I lived in Utah, I would go home and visit probably every two weeks or so. I used to joke with everyone that going home wasn't a huge deal because I did it so often.

But now, it's been about a month and a half since I left Utah. And I'm going back tomorrow. And it seems weird that I'm going back. Is that weird or what? I didn't really think I would adjust to being gone that fast. Highly unexpected.

In other news, well there really isn't any. I shouldn't have been so proud about keeping up my running schedule, that has pretty much gone with the wind this week. I did do power yoga though. So my arms are pretty sore. Yeah, I thought yoga was about stretching not strength training too. Too bad I'm wrong. Or at least with the one power yoga video I have I'm wrong.

Oh! I got a calling too. I'm a home evening group leader again. I know, right? I was too eager to get out of it last time. Didn't learn the real purpose of being a home evening group leader so now I need a second go round. Opportunity, I'm thinking of it as an opportunity to make friends :)

Dave's Corner: I would tell you he's doing well, but I really don't know all that much. We haven't really been able to talk in almost a week. Just a couple texts here and there to let me know he's still busy and can't talk much. It's mostly because of the time zone i'm in though. If our time zones were more compatible those few texts would have probalby been full blown conversation.

Stella's Corner: Ok, Stella has some sort of aversion to the porch. At my house we joke about revolving door dogs, but that's really what she needs. Exhibit A:
Yes, that is her, standing in the doorway sniffing the outdoors while I sit outside on my lovely bench I assembled enjoying the perfect weather. But she won't come out with me. I even got her a cushion from a lawn chair so she could use it as a dog bed. Hasn't really worked so far. I guess she's concerned she'll get locked outside and left here? Who knows the thoughts of my adorable little dog.

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