Thursday, May 31, 2012

Remember the Heroes

So the last couple of weeks were pretty full of changes. I got a new boss, Dave started his internship, the weather has finally been consistently warm...

Last week was mostly normal, I got a new boss was the big highlight. So now my boss is located in Houston. We up here are hoping she'll be more reasonable about working remotely around holidays but really not much else has changed yet. We also went paintballing! It was my first time and I got hit three times. The bruises are finally fading. It was fun. We played two games. The first we were the attacking team and had to take over an enemy fortress. The next time we were the defenders of the fortress. We won both times! It was great. I might even be willing to go back again.

Memorial weekend was pretty fun, we cleaned house, went bowling, church, concert, pool time, scenic bike ride, and a cook out. In other words, lots of relaxing and enjoying time with my veteran and remembering those who have and are serving in our armed forces. Bowling was especially fun because I won. Well, mostly. We played 3 games and I won the first, game and he won the second. Then, for the third we bowled the first ball left handed and the second ball right handed. Since we're both right headed bowlers... Well I'm a better left handed bowler which is funny because he's left handed. Well, I'm starting to think he's just confused or something since I won. Next time we go, we'll have to do M&M bowling. Yum!

Monday, May 14, 2012

We like things on wheels

So... Most exciting event of the last week is that Dave and I got our motorcycle licenses! Yay!

They run a class through a couple of different companies (we went through APEX cycle education, best deal) and they take a weekend and teach you to ride a bike. There is a classroom session on Friday night and then 5-6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Dave did really well but he's been riding for a long time so that was no surprise at all. I managed to make it through the weekend only dropping the bike twice (once because I freaked out and once I locked up the front tire) but I still passed the test (by 2 whole points!!). So I guess I'm a better motorcycler than I was a car driver since I managed to flunk my first driving test.

It was really nice though, they provided gloves, helmets, and the bikes. We were both on Honda Rebels. I think out of the 3 varieties of motorcycle I've been on so far the standard/cruiser type ride position is my favorite. Dual sports are usually just a tad too tall and sport bikes are all hunched over. But, since we have a sport bike that's what I'll get to continue to learn to ride on.

Also, we saw the avengers this weekend. It was definitely an expected smash up action sequence overload type movie but I definitely didn't expect it to be so funny! There were some very clever witticisms. And, if you go watch it, there is a scene in the middle of the credits that sets up for the sequel and one at the very end that is just funny. Schwarma anyone?

Stella turned six on Saturday! You wouldn't know she's middle aged though. Get her really anywhere and she is still all waggly puppy. As dad would say, no manners! But, I will say in the past year she's learned some pretty good things. She mostly gets going around a "tree" (any post type obstacle), shaking off on command, holding a dog cookie on her nose, and we're still working on left and right but she does know they are turns. Just not which way. But, if we're being honest, I have troubles with that still...

Oh, and yummy stir fry! Always a good end to a week :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vroom vroom!

Ooo darn, I am pretty sure I'm over my two weeks mark with this post. But, I was out of town for most of the weekend so... No, still not a viable excuse since I was home on Sunday afternoon.

The week before last was pretty normal. Dave finished up classes, I had work. For our date night Dave took me to the national art museum. Yeah, I was pretty surprised too. Except there was a video game exhibit and my surprise lessened quite a bit. We also got to do a service project called Rebuilding Together which is more or less charitable home renovations. We worked at a women's halfway house type thing and made raised garden boxes. He spent a lot of time working on his car too because this weekend we actually did something exciting.

We went down to VIR and Dave did a track day on Saturday. I got to do a ride along with his instructor but I'm still stuck in the same place where I might understand why he likes it, but it isn't really anything I'd ever want to do. Interesting note: an episode of Top Gear was filmed at VIR and Dave's instructor's car makes a very brief appearance. Stella didn't enjoy the weekend quite as much as Dave does because all the loud noises kind of scared her a bit. We also learned some interesting things for next time we go camping: Stella must have her own bed. Unlike at home where she'll curl up at the foot of the bed, she has to have half of the sleeping bag before she'll stop trying to sit on your head. Which gets really cold in the wee hours of the morning.

Looking forward into the next two weeks I get to do lots of training, get a new boss, MSF course, and Dave starts his internship. Hooray!