Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring break plus!

So last week Dave had his spring break. So I took some time off too! It was fun. On Thursday we went to the cherry blossoms. At dawn! It was super early but it was really pretty.

It was also PI day on Wednesday. I made a version of derby pie. Yum...

Dave also had a hankering for strawberry rhubarb pie. Two pies in one week! It was pretty good. I must admit though, definitely more of a fan of chocolate based pies than fruit based pies.

Work this week was pretty normal. Next week will be wrapping up the month which will probably be a little more involved. This weekend was nice and relaxed. I think if I didn't have to have a job that actually made money I would become a dessert chef. It just occurred to me that almost all my pictures this week are of dessert :)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward

You know, spring forward is a really deceptive name for the transition into daylight time. Because after the transition, everyone feels groggy sleep deprived and cranky. Not very spring-y in my mind. I am much more apt to 'spring' awake after fall back when I get my hour back. Or not because I spend it awake doing other things. But that is besides the point.

The last couple weeks have been pretty good. Work finally quieted down some this last week so I'm probably going to go back to being slightly bored.

Dave took his first round of midterms. He got an 86 on his calculus exam which I'm very proud of (average was a 63). He's on spring break this week. I know he's excited for the break!

Yesterday to celebrate we went go karting. Dave did the kart all day option. I stuck it out for one race and then watched. This time was more fun than the last place we went because the track was outdoors and was bigger. And, thanks to groupon we got a 2 for 1 membership so I'm sure we'll be going again some time.