Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yes indeed, my complex has an ice cream truck that drives around and plays music. How fun is that?? I just haven't gone out and actually gotten anything. Maybe tomorrow. 

Tomorrow which is Memorial Day and so I don't have work. Most popular question this week: Do you have plans for Memorial Day? Umm, no, I've only been here a week. But, in the spirit of Memorial Day here goes for remembering our troops
Everyone who follows this blog I'm sure knows that Dave is in the Marine Corps and is deployed in Afghanistan right now. For those who don't follow this blog, well now you know. Lucky for me as the fiancee left at home, he's had a pretty boring tour so far. Many thanks to him and to all of the troops serving now and who have served, especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom and liberty.

It's rather interesting the sorts of questions you get as the one who is supporting a family member in the military. Of course it is hard being separated from the person you love. And knowing there is a slight chance that something could happen that he or she doesn't come home. But it's worth it. You learn to cherish the time you have together a lot more. But I don't know if being apart is really any harder than being together for some people. Love takes work, you know? Near or far. It's about choosing to be committed to another person through everything.

On a different note, I finished my first week at work. Looks like it should be a good time from what I can tell. They're going to try and have me flying solo on Tuesday. OOO scary! But, since everyone pretty much has said that if I have any questions I can ask them, I have a good number of people to question at every turn. 

Pretty building from the outside. Looks very much like an office building inside, but I don't know how they feel about me taking pictures inside, so I'm probably not going to try. 

Stella's been having a grand old time. She's discovered squirrels to the everlasting dismay of my shoulder. Don't let the innocent nose fool you!

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