Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy happy birthday hey!

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty fun. I turned 24 (OMG!) and got to have a fun birthday with my hubby. Also got some super sweet muffin tins from my little sister. Check out the mini cheesecakes below. We went and saw Batman 3 (I thought it was pretty good) and saw a musical called The Addams Family (dadada dum!). Actually was really quite funny. Spent a little time at the pool, went looking for a new apartment, had a BBQ with my work friends, and found this fun new show called full metal alchemist.

Right now at work I'm absorbing half of a coworkers desk which is kind of interesting. The melding of the two will be a lot of work because the previous desk owner ran it quite a bit differently than I like to.

Dave is finishing up his summer internship this week and he is pretty excited about that! Except it means he has another two weeks and then school starts up again. Hopefully he does just as well this semester as he did last semester!

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