Monday, August 13, 2012

Time flies

Hard to believe summer is almost over. In two more weeks Dave will be back in school. Doesn't feel like it's been long enough yet.

This week was fairly standard for what's been going on. Had a double header in softball, barely lost both games. We played really well though. Went to King's Dominion on Saturday, had a good time until it started raining. But, the threat of rain did keep the number of people down a bit.

I had a team building activity at work on Friday which was fun. We went to a driving range which keeps score like darts. Out of the five of us teeing off from my tee, I won one game which I was very proud of.

The most exciting thing going on is we're moving in the next two weeks! Yay! Should be pretty exciting. Similar sized apartment for $200 cheaper than we're paying right now. It's the basement apartment in a house so we'll have access to a yard too! Stella will like that. Not as terribly excited about the whole moving part of the move though. I don't think I know anyone who really likes packing and unpacking though so that's pretty standard.

We'll have to see how it goes though

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