Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How bout that weather?

So I guess the big highlight of the last two weeks would be the weather! Record breaking heat wave and a majorly severe thunderstorm that knocked out power to more than two million residences and business in I think it was at least five different states. Not sure on that last one. But it was widespread and a lot of people affected.

Fun stuff first though. Last week was Kings Dominion with one of Dave's buddies. It was pretty fun we had a good time out in the sun and then we got to feed the missionaries that night. They were pretty funny.

We implemented a new software system at work over the weekend so the last couple of weeks has been about prepping for "Go Live" and we're finally there. All told, once everyone gets used to it I don't think it will be that bad. But for now it's difficult because so many of the people we work with are in other parts of the world and you can't be sure how much training they got and we don't get training on how other functions work to know how they use the system so it'll be an interesting adjustment.

Over the weekend Dave and I lost power during this heat wave. Massive (and sudden) thunderstorm knocked out our power around 10PM on Friday night. Good thing we didn't go try to see a movie, right? So it was pretty miserable at our place with no A/C and the pool was closed because of all the storm debris so there wasn't even that for relief. Saturday night I had a coworker get her power back and take pity on us so she let us crash at her house. Stella especially was happy to be out of the heat. It has to be really rough not being able to sweat.

Dave went shooting on Saturday (can't escape the heat so embrace it?) and got his very first tick. Which of course he made me pull out and then freaked out that I did it wrong. Really? There's only one way to pull out a tick. I was surprised he'd never ever had a tick before but I guess they aren't all that common in the southwest. Or so he says. It was the first time I'd ever pulled a tick off of someone though. Good thing I'm crazy and carry tweezers in my travel bag.

We finally got power back on Sunday night (they canceled church because the building had no power) although the lights in front of our complex are still out so for fear of my life I'm driving to work now. But by next week everything should be back to normal. We hope!

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