Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warning graphic content!

So this week was super fun! Actually it was very nervous making. The week was going fine when on Wednesday Stella started throwing up. And I mean a LOT. She had thrown up four times by the time we got out of bed (dog barf in the carpet is NOT fun). So, I barricaded her in the kitchen hoping it was just something she ate and she'd be fine by lunch. Except when I came home at lunch she had thrown up three more times. And had escaped the barricade to do it! So we scheduled a vet appointment and barricaded her better. Took her to the vet that afternoon and they couldn't find anything wrong with her. All her samples came back negative. So we took her home and fed her some special digestive health food and crossed our fingers. She didn't throw up again which was good. Still no idea what was wrong with her though.

On Friday Dave and I went to Cafe Ima, a hibachi grill near GMU. It was actually really good. Our chef did a good show and he actually spoke intelligible English. Personally, I think for some of them the Asian accent is part of the act, but it did make for an easier night. Oh the amazing power of groupon.

This weekend we had a pair of choir concerts featuring soloist Alex Boyè. He was actually really fun and really funny. He's a black Englishman if that gives you any inklings. The choir really could have used some more rehearsals, but I think the audience had enough fun they probably forgave that we messed up quite a few times. And now choir is on summer break!

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