Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Working vacation

Summer break has rolled around again. All the kiddies are getting out of school and Dave and I are stuck being adults and having to work. But that's not to say we don't have fun!!

Last week my dad came out to visit Ledos and stayed with us. (for any who don't know, Ledos is my dad's absolute favorite pizza place. So there actually is a chance that statement is true as written). While he was here we mostly just chilled. I took him to the dog park with Stella, where Stella pretty much just laid down and was nicely anti social with the other dogs just like normal. Ledos, movies, Ledos, church, Dave went on a six hour motorcycle ride with one of his buddies so he didn't get to see the dog park.

Then on Wednesday ExxonMobil made a big announcement. They are moving all of their Fairfax based employees to Houston some time 2014/2015. So some time next year Dave and I should find out how much time we have to spend apart while he finishes school and I keep working. The serious kink in our future plans that I'm hearing is that I'll have to sign a 2 year agreement to get my moving expenses covered instead of the typical 1 year. So I hope Dave ends up liking Houston because we'll probably be there for a while.

This weekend was pretty fun. Dave went to a gun show with some guys from the ward and I hung out with one of my suite mates from freshman year that I haven't seen since freshman year. It was quite enjoyable. Dave also made me go riding the motorcycle an I successfully completed my first ride on a road with other cars yesterday. And didn't hurt anyone! I was very excited. So now it will just be a matter of continuing to ride enough that I don't shake quite so much once I'm off the bike.

We're also getting all ready for our Utah vacation in three weeks. We're excited!!

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