Monday, May 14, 2012

We like things on wheels

So... Most exciting event of the last week is that Dave and I got our motorcycle licenses! Yay!

They run a class through a couple of different companies (we went through APEX cycle education, best deal) and they take a weekend and teach you to ride a bike. There is a classroom session on Friday night and then 5-6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Dave did really well but he's been riding for a long time so that was no surprise at all. I managed to make it through the weekend only dropping the bike twice (once because I freaked out and once I locked up the front tire) but I still passed the test (by 2 whole points!!). So I guess I'm a better motorcycler than I was a car driver since I managed to flunk my first driving test.

It was really nice though, they provided gloves, helmets, and the bikes. We were both on Honda Rebels. I think out of the 3 varieties of motorcycle I've been on so far the standard/cruiser type ride position is my favorite. Dual sports are usually just a tad too tall and sport bikes are all hunched over. But, since we have a sport bike that's what I'll get to continue to learn to ride on.

Also, we saw the avengers this weekend. It was definitely an expected smash up action sequence overload type movie but I definitely didn't expect it to be so funny! There were some very clever witticisms. And, if you go watch it, there is a scene in the middle of the credits that sets up for the sequel and one at the very end that is just funny. Schwarma anyone?

Stella turned six on Saturday! You wouldn't know she's middle aged though. Get her really anywhere and she is still all waggly puppy. As dad would say, no manners! But, I will say in the past year she's learned some pretty good things. She mostly gets going around a "tree" (any post type obstacle), shaking off on command, holding a dog cookie on her nose, and we're still working on left and right but she does know they are turns. Just not which way. But, if we're being honest, I have troubles with that still...

Oh, and yummy stir fry! Always a good end to a week :)

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