Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whew finally bought in

While Facebook is a serious time waster, I agree, it does really have its usefulness. I set up my Facebook event page for the wedding today. Now, family don't be too offended if I left you off, since I am quite certain that mother or myself will personally email/call/text/generally pester for the necessary address. You know, you're family and all and can't get out of this.

I'm so relieved this whole mess is finally coming to an end. I have decided I really don't like having a year plus to plan because I rather lost my enthusiasm for the details six months ago but they're the only thing left to plan! AAAAHHHHHH! What are people's thoughts about mirrors and votive candles as centerpieces instead of flowers? It's kind of my leaning right now because I don't want to have to pick out arrangements and stuff.

Oh, if somehow you happen to be reading this blog, aren't family, and haven't gotten invited to the event or don't have Facebook, give us your address here

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