Saturday, January 14, 2012

Almost here!

So this week was work. Which is really not unusual. Actually it's very very normal.

In addition to work I went to my first professional basketball game. Wizards versus the Toronto Raptors. All in all, I must say I really prefer college ball. There's just more zest with the younger players. Professional ball is about a show. But, it was fun enough because it was free and there was free food!

In other news, we got a bathroom ceiling again!! Yay!! It isn't terribly pretty and they didn't paint the ceiling in the hall that got all discolored, but it is very nice to not have freezing air dropping on me while I shower.

Dave's car finally was started yesterday although it still isn't running smoothly. Has a bad tune but hopefully that is getting fixed up.

Excited to see him soon!

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  1. I am excited for the two of you! Finally you guys can just be together in the same place! That's when the fun begins.